Thursday, March 21, 2019

Excuses? I've Got a Few...

Recently I signed up for another email list. Most of the time, I'm trying to exit them, but this was an additional list from Stage 32. It's a list that provides updates on the opportunities for writers at the site, including script coverage, consulting, pitch sessions and more. Even though there are a lot of emails coming at me from this list, it made me realize that my favorite excuse for feeling guilty when working on scripts (and then not finishing them) has been proven false--there is a way for me to break into scriptwriting.

While these opportunities are great, they do also come with costs. The costs seem reasonable, so I wouldn't mind indulging with one of my scripts--if I could get one finished to the point that I'm ready to share. That, and the fee would come out of a tiny portion of my budget that currently serves to pay for fiction and poetry contest entries. So I would have to give up contest entries for other projects for a couple of months, but really, who's winning contests around here anyway?  (not me, I assure you...)

That leads me to Camp NaNoWriMo. I'm going to do it, and I'm going to measure April's session in minutes. I will be dedicating 1800 minutes of the month to writing a pilot I haven't started, but have plenty of notes for. It's a strong female-driven comedy. I hope I can pull it off. Then I can start thinking about where I'm going to take it next.

This week's post wouldn't be complete without a plug for my latest project, now would it? Remember that my latest collection of poetry, If It Was New York, Summer 2009, is coming out on MARCH 26. You can PREORDER it now from Amazon and other retailers worldwide. Paperback will be available for purchase on March 26, as will copies through subscription services such as Playster and Scribd.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Scattered Thoughts

My thoughts are scattered everywhere, and it made coming up with a new blog post this week that much harder. I thought I would take off from writing about writing and address a couple of things that were in the news. I thought I could write about the rage in the news about rich kids buying their way into college. But are we really all enraged about it? Did we not know that this has been going on since the day these institutions opened their doors? I did write a piece about it, but it won't see the light of day because as a public school kid from Kindergarten to bachelor's degree, I don't really have any special insight on the topic aside from rolling my eyes at every mention of these privileged nobodies living off their parents' success.

I was also contemplating writing another piece last weekend about separating the art from the artist, and how its mostly others in creative fields that can attempt to see the actions of the villain in the artist without obscuring the exceptional in the art. Erasing the art/music/movies/TV shows is not the answer. My opinion on this is not the most popular one, but I also know that Pete Davidson did a way more entertaining job of explaining it than I could have. So I didn't write it. But I did buy Moonwalker so that I could watch it at least one more time in my life in case it ever gets pulled. I won't apologize for the fact that watching this was a happy childhood memory for me, and it certainly isn't an endorsement for anything outside of its entertainment value.

When it comes to my main projects for the month, I'm trying to work hard on short stories and In Another Life, but I keep getting pulled back into poetry. I took some time to indulge in found poetry yesterday, not because the urge was irresistible, but because the magazines are starting to pile up, and if I don't get to them I may have to toss them before I can find those new pieces. I did, however, manage to finish a short story outline this morning with the wonders of a morning shower and a writer's mind--that's all I need sometimes because it is the one place I seem to run into the least distractions. These stories are important because I need to come up with something good to get back on the submission train. Hopefully by Monday I will have a polished piece to start sending out.

Friday, March 08, 2019

News and Notes from the Writing Desk: March Edition

It's getting quite busy over here. There are a lot of projects in the air, and I'm trying to give equal time to it all before my mind decides it wants to go off and create something new.

If It Was New York, Summer 2009

The preorder is good to go--I have nothing left to do but promote it. I still have to work on the cover for the print edition, but other than that, it's just getting you to buy. And you want to buy it. Of course, you could also jump on the Patreon bandwagon and get it before anyone else... just think about it

In Another Life

I've dug this out of the huge virtual pile. Before opening the first file, I looked and noticed that I haven't opened and changed anything on the file for two and a half years. Yeah, that's the pace I'm going with this one.

I'm also kicking myself a bit because when I started this one, I thought it would be so much better to have a different file for every chapter. I was insane. I'm starting this revision process by simply putting it all together into one file like the Book Gods intended. Once that is finished, I have to pump up the action and intrigue, otherwise this title falls a little flat.

Short Stories

There has been no progress on this aspect. I would love to sit down and write a whole short story every day, but many of my ideas are not fully formulated, and those that are, I already wrote half the story and forgot where I was heading. That's a whole twisted ball of yarn to figure out in itself. I'll try to get one out of my head this weekend and see what it looks like.

Camp NaNo

I'm starting to get emails from Camp NaNo, and I'm not sure whether I want to participate this year or not. I know I could dig up something to concentrate on fully, I just don't know what that is yet. Maybe something else from that list I made...

I have a lot of writing to do. Let's get to it!

Friday, March 01, 2019

A Preorder and a New Project

The time has come: If It Was New York, Summer 2009 is finally available for preorder. I'm a little anxious because I submitted an incomplete manuscript to get this ball rolling, so I have about 11 days to get the last two poems polished and the back matter completed. If you join Patreon ($1 level or higher) before March 12th, you can get an ebook download before anyone else!

The book is currently available for preorder at Amazon and these online retailers. If you don't see your favorite retailer on that second link, keep checking back because new ones are still being added. The ebook and the paperback versions will go on sale March 26th.

Once those few last details are sorted and the final files are uploaded, I'm onto the new project. After a lot of debate with myself (that would have been fun to witness, I'm sure...) I decided to finally finished In Another Life. This one has been sitting around for awhile. The last time I worked on it, I decided to take the first and second books of what I thought would be a trilogy and merge them together. The third (now second) book only has two chapters written, but once I get on a roll with the revisions of the first one, who knows.

As part of my write-revise-advertise monthly schedule, In Another Life fits into the revise stage. So that means the write part is up for grabs. I've decided to concentrate on short stories since I have so many sitting around half written. I need to have more in the bank for submissions--right now there is only one short and one flash that I keep sending out.

That's the plan for March. More writing, more writing, and more writing!

Friday, February 22, 2019

When in Doubt, Make a List

The project that's going to be my main focus for March is still unknown. I didn't know how to choose from so many things that are lingering on my desktop, so I decided that making a list would help. I put restrictions on myself--I could only list projects that I could think of off of the top of my head. If I can't remember it, it couldn't be that important, right?

Here's the list:

Seems like I have a pretty good memory, because there are more than 20 projects, ranging from finished but needed to be submitted to half of an outline. I still don't know what to choose, because nothing is standing out, nothing seems clearly commercial, so I won't be choosing based on the tens of dollars of royalties I may generate.

What I'm going to do is give this list a good hard look over the weekend and see which one will come out on top.