Tuesday, April 26, 2016

National Poetry Month Nearing the End

It's the last week in April, so that means National Poetry Month is starting to wind down. I've been diligent in writing the poetry I've set out to do, but I know that when it comes to revisions, I haven't been quick to get on it. That's why Monday's normal post is happening on Tuesday. That, and the Indiana Comic Con commercial on TV keeps distracting me--I mean, who decided to mix "Shake It Off" with cosplay? It boggles my mind. It's definitely apples and oranges (no offense to T. Swift or cosplayers, of course).

Anyway, once I finally focused on the poetry again, I started playing with alliteration and this is what I came up with:

A Losing Pursuit

Priorities pronounced in pencil
But they can all be pushed away
Pressures take precedence
Puckish people clamoring to use you like a plastic bag
Purposeful in carrying their baggage
Placed in the trash, not even preserved for recycling
Once your practicality is brought to pass

Monday, April 18, 2016

When Planning Goes Awry (Or, How Not to Write a Poem)

Week two of my goal to write 30 poems this month didn't seem to go as well as the first week. It's mostly because I was removed from my notes. During the last week in March I was coming up with these fabulous ideas to poeticize so I wrote them down and kept them especially for this challenge. The problem with all of this planning arose when I went back to those notes, looked at each separate idea and couldn't remember exactly where I wanted to go with it.

I used the notes anyway to do my daily writing, but I know that these ponderings of poetic genius didn't get the treatment they deserved. They turned out poor, with or without editing. Don't fret--they won't be lost to the ages if I commit to a few hours of rigorous revision.

Lesson learned. If an idea for a poem sprouts in my mind, I sit down and I write it then and there. Then maybe I'll get closer to achieving what I want.

On to the part you all are waiting for. The poem I'm sharing this week is a haiku. It comes much closer to traditional haiku with the theme of nature.

Fertile air in spring
Blossoms the waiting flowers
Rain mists down on us

No National Poetry Month would be complete without a pause for some promotion, would it? If you like haiku, I do have my haiku collection Unfolding Life for sale. You can get it from Amazon, Createspace and Kobo. I have it on good authority that more places for purchase will be available soon. ;-)  As always, if you pick up a copy, let me know what you think by leaving a review.

Monday, April 11, 2016

National Poetry Month, Week 2: Don't Dabble #Poetry

The poem I'm sharing this week doesn't have a title yet. Maybe it doesn't need one. I was reading someone's short bio online and I saw the phrase "the author dabbled in film making for awhile before..." and the word dabbled just struck me the wrong way. It actually made me angrier than I thought a word could, especially when there wasn't supposed to be anything malicious attached to it. But, that's what poetry is, isn't it? Exploring the unexplored depths of our souls. And my soul apparently hates dabbling.

- - - -

I dabble.


What does that really translate to?
I have money, I do what I want.
That is, until I'm bored with it.
Or someone says I'm no good at it.
Rolls off my back, you know.

Rolls off, does it?
Down the hill, to a blackened pit
Where you collect all those failures
And tell people you've dabbled.
You took their spot—
The real talent. The ones who plead
To cut their arms off, sacrifice a first born
For the chances you buy.


It's a loaded gun
To wield at those who dare question your value
Without using numbers.

Monday, April 04, 2016

Customer Service Representative -- A Poem

Writing a poem a day for National Poetry Month is going... okay. Not great, not horrible. I've managed to write a poem for the last four days, which for any writer can be an accomplishment in itself. And because I don't want to hold these to my chest for the rest of my life, I've decided that my lovely readers will get one poem a week through the month of April.

This poem I wrote on Saturday. As you may be able to tell, I didn't have a good Friday afternoon:

Customer Service Representative

Terror strikes the heart—
But it's only anticipation of frustration

Redirection is the inevitable next step
You don't want to deal
The next representative will be hiding
They will conveniently be busy for the next fifteen to thirty minutes

I know all your tricks
I'm not going away without a fight
So play that funky muzak, please

And so it goes...

Your precious piece of royalty-free adult contemporary soft rock
It plays for three minutes and some change



By round three, I'm unconsciously clicking my tongue
The ten second bongo solo at 2:08 has been permanently etched on my ear drums



A click—
Could it really be?
No, no. Not yet. Sweat it out some more
Because surely you are the next valuable customer in line

Hello? Hello? No, no.
I can hear you, I can purge you from all of your personal information now
Desperation builds trust in strangers

What is your call in reference to?
Charges of a ruined hour, a ruined day. A wasted life, if you can believe it.

A back and forth later and where are we now?
That telling oh...
An apology for not being able to perform magic
A transfer to someone who surely can pull a miracle out of a hat

Your call is very important to us

 - - - - - - - - - - 
As for other news in the life of this writer, I'm still working on getting two more chapters of In Another Life live this week. If you haven't stopped by yet, check it out. You just may like it. Once those are up, it's going to be straight back to a first draft I'm in the middle of. This one is slow going, but I'm trying to get it right the first time, so as long as it takes I'll stick with it.

My writing playlist has expanded to include The Beatles Anthology Highlights. Found out this dropped today and immediately spent my Amazon gift card on it (luckily I had one of those left). I know what you're thinking--aren't you a Beatles freak? Don't you already have these songs? Well, not exactly. My brother and I were always close, so when all the anthology CD sets came out, we bought one set and shared. Somehow he ended up with all the discs and I ended up with only a select number of MP3 files... hmm... Anyway, now that I have it on my Amazon player, I'll have it anywhere I go.

I was also lucky enough to get a truckload of Garnier Skin Active Clearly Brighter moisturizer samples to try out from Crowdtap, and as any good writer does, I wrote about it. You can get all the details over at Showered in Beauty.

If you're writing poetry this month, don't hesitate to share your links. I'd love to read it. :-)

Monday, March 28, 2016

What's Up for April

If you've been following the blog for awhile now, then you know what April means: National Poetry Month. Get excited! Okay, I know not all of you dig the free verse and iambic pentameter, so this year I'm not going to try and push any active participation. But I will be checking in often because I'm promising to do two things on my own to celebrate: read poetry and write poetry.

First, I'm going to make a point to read more poetry. Although I like it, I don't do it often enough. The titles I'm tackling in April include:

Second, I'm going to make a point to write more poetry. I've set the goal of one poem per day for the month of April. I'm not going to restrict myself to certain forms or line counts, so whatever comes out--that's going to be considered a walk on the poetic wild side. Will I share any of them? I don't know. If they are really bad, I won't. If they are really good, I should probably save them for submission. The mediocre ones? We'll see. ;-)

By the end of the week I'll also have more chapters of In Another Life on WriteOn. I think there are two or three ready to go, so you have a few days to catch up before the new chapters are released. Luck you!