Friday, October 03, 2008

Be A Happy Minimalist

The economy is in the tank—we all know that story. But even with these troubled times, there is still hope for us who are young, excited about work, and love to live life. But don’t take my word for it. Check out a great book by Peter Lawrence called The Happy Minimalist . It will really open your eyes.

A minimalist life may sound rough around the edges, but it is really not so hard once you think about it. There are thousands of dollars that we waste each year just by getting products and services that are more convenient, but not necessarily better for us. For instance, why spend nearly five dollars on a cappuccino at Starbucks when you can easily make the same thing at home, for about half the cost. Remember that the minimalist lifestyle is not about giving up everything you love. It just means living smart and spending smart.

I believe I take part in a fairly minimalist lifestyle. I work from home, which cuts my commuting and travel costs down to zero during the week. I also cook all of my food at home, and rarely dine at restaurants. I set a goal to not eat out more than once a month. It not only saves money, but it saves all the time and gas to get there as well.


If you want to live a minimalist life but don’t know how to get started, I really encourage you to read The Happy Minimalist to find out how you can change your own life to lessen your impact on earth and save a lot of money.



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