Sunday, April 22, 2007

I was laying in my bed early this morning with the window open. The birds were gossiping and fighting, and at firstI was annoyed. I was still trying to sleep. But then, I realized that this is their time of day and it's okay.

Then I thought about birds, specifically cardinals. I remember when I lived in Goodland and we had an oak tree right outside our living room window. I used to watched the bright red birds with black masks fly in and out of the tree. I learned in school that only the male cardinals are red--the female ones are a dull brown. I caught sight of one once, just for a second. Then this memory got me thinking--in a lot of animal species, the males are decorated with bright colors ot get the attention of the females, while the females are ugly and blend in with the surroundings to protect their young. Now, why are humans so different? In our species, the woman must make the colorful, beautiful presentation. We have to do all the work so that we can get the attention of men. They don't have to do anything. I've seen too many beautiful women with too many slobs that don't deserve them. So why aren't we like the cardinal? Why can't we make the men parade around in fashionable clothes, letting the WOMEN decide who we want to choose? It's mind-boggling. And I'm sure some women (with self-confidence or something) will disagree.

I think I want to be a bird in my next life.

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