Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I don't think that I should wake up at 7:15 every morning to turn on the Today Show and then continue to sleep in my nice, soft bed. Why? Because I have freaky dreams, that's why. This morning it was me and my brother in a run-down Chuck E. Cheese-type restaurant/gameroom. Although, there was a scrambler-type ride in the middle that we got on. That was cool. But then, there he was, Matt Lauer himself in clothes that someone like Rob Thomas would wear (I was thinking about my RT poster when I fell asleep last night) and Matt was tired so he laid down on the floor... creepy, I know. That's why I shoudl get up when I turn on the TV. I was supposed to get up that early to start meditation anyway, but since this is my vacation week (I'm going to write all summer like it's my job) I decided sleeping in until 9 is not so bad. Is it?

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