Sunday, September 09, 2007

Friday afternoon was a delightful experience. As soon as I finished my 2pm class, I went to stake my claim on a spot as close to the dedication cermony as I could get. But, I'll be honest, I didn't want to be up front (too many news crews could have captured my mug), so I hid behind the front row of student spectators. For over an hour I stood and waited (with my eight pound American lit book in my backpack), almost getting rained on a number of times. It was still fun though. I got my "Dave Came Back. I was There." pin (and one for the roommate as well). My only regret though was not buying a roll of film for my Nikon. Instead, I brought a camera that I got free from sending in UPC codes to Pop Tarts. When Letterman came onto the stage, I started taking pictures frantically, because I knew that people were going to get in my way once he sat down. Well, I must have been a little too frantic because the camera totally quit on me. I put it away, hoping I could salvage the film inside later... and that did NOT happen. The film had completely rolled out of the can and was useless because the light hit it.

But it was a good thing I didn't take my Nikon because I stood at the bus stop and got soaked trying to get home. Everyone will agree it's my fault for being anti-umbrella, but I say to you: "When the rain comes/they run and hide their heads/they might as well be dead." Throwing Beatles quotes out always helps strengthen my argument.

So anyway, I've been scouring Facebook for the past two days gathering up pictures that other people took of the event. I would post some pics on this entry, but they are not my property, and I want to respect the photographers (I did however get some prints for my scrapbook). It's sad, I know but had I had the proper equipment, I would have had similar pictures.... well, except for the lucky few who got a lot closer to Letterman than I did. But that's okay. It's still something to tell the grandkids one day, along with my Avril Lavigne/Bowling for Soup concert story and my Jason Mraz concert story... and I think that's it. Maybe not... I'm sure there must be more celebrities than that... but I'm sick (you'll say it's the rain, but I know it isn't) and my brain isn't working properly at the moment.

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