Friday, November 02, 2007

How sad am I about Colbert?? I think it's a shame that the Democrats wouldn't put him on the ballot in SC. I mean, this could have truly been a revolution in the election. I'm not saying that Colbert had a chance, I'm just saying that by doing this, he was showing a younger generation about how all this works. And he got a lot of people interested in voting as well. But sadly, there will be no President Colbert (of South Carolina) in 2008. Oh well. Now I have to find a new candidate to support.

I finished Dispatches from the Edge. It was a total mind-blower. Not only was it good writing, but it had a purpose and didn't beat you over the head with it, like some non-fiction titles do. Of course now I feel like I'm wasting my life by not going out and seeing all the suffering in the world compared to my little problems. Though, it has inspired me to write more eloquent prose when I write personal things instead of writing journal entries that still sound like a 14 year old wrote it. Right now, I only write decent, mature things on this blog... and trust me, this also sounds like a 14 year old writing. But trust me, I'm pulling out of awkward phase (I hope!).

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