Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Not only am I a big I Love Lucy fan as of recently, I have discovered that I am a big Desi Arnaz fan as well (musically speaking). I never thought I would be into music that is so... well, not in English. But I love it! "Babalu" and all. I'm sad though. I really would like to buy the songs from iTunes, but I need to save for a new computer to double my freelance work (which is really slow and scaring me...). It's going to run nearly $700, having it built as cheaply as possible.

The other sad part about being a new Desi Arnaz fan is that some of the songs he sings on the show are not available anywhere. Haven't really looked, but I'm assuming they are not. Like the song that he sings when the baby comes home on the show. On my DVD collection, it even says that this record was recently released, getting a little plug in for the record company. I'll have to search, but I doubt I'll find the mp3 of it. Oh well. I can still watch it if I'm really that desperate to hear it.

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