Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Social Spark is such an awesome website. I’m really glad that I found it. Not only can I blog about all of the topics that I want, but I get paid for it too! And this is a much better pay per blog site than the others ones I have worked with before because there is much more of a presence of a blogging community there. I mean, within the first few hours I had five friend requests and three props on my profile. Not only that, but you even have the opportunity to blog about other blogs and in return get your blog blogged about. I really said the word blog a lot in that last sentence… oh well. Social Spark is a great site for anyone who loves to blog and wants to get paid for it too. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I check the site daily, and not just for new opportunities to make money. I also check to see if I have any messages from my new friends. They are a great resource for me because they have been participating at this site longer than I have, so whenever I have questions they are really glad to help me out.


If you want to join Social Spark along with me, that would be fantastic! I promise I’ll add you as a friend and share any information about the sight that I know. We can all be a part of this great blogging community.

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