Friday, May 23, 2008

Today I finally got a job through I have been a member of this freelancing network since 2003 (can you believe it?) and I finally got one of my project bids accepted. Not only that, it was such an easy editing job that I earned $25 for about 30 minutes of work... you really can't beat that. So, I feel accomplished. Yay. I still have 7 articles sitting on my desktop though (beats the 27 left there last night!). really don't want to do them tonight, but I also wanted to have tomorrow off. Guess I won't really have a day off this weekend... maybe Sunday. I'll get to hear everyone bitching about the race not being televised where we live.. what? A half hour away? Mmm... if you want to see it, GO SEE IT! I could care less about it unless I'm there. Then I would care a little.

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