Thursday, July 31, 2008

Amazing New Recipe Ideas

I know that I really don’t like to eat seafood that often, but when I do get that hankering for seafood, I always head for the fresh fish and pick up some shrimp. Shrimp salad is pretty much the best thing in the world, and I don’t make it that often. In fact, I usually let someone else do it so that I don’ mess it up (I really am a good cook, but sometimes…well…). What usually goes into my simple shrimp salad is shrimp (of course), a little bit of dill pickles, sweet onions, romaine lettuce, olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and pepper. This is a basic shrimp salad recipe, but it tastes really good.

I have been thinking about how to change this up, and I was thinking about making a spicier version of this shrimp salad, maybe with peppers and stronger onions. And of course for my recipe I would only used domestic seafood. After all, that’s the best way to know where your food is coming from, and to get it fresh. I think that this recipe would taste amazing! I bet my new recipe could even be a contender for a Cook off. I think cook offs are really cool… not only do people get to have fun cooking, but new recipes are made in the process.

Do you have a favorite domestic seafood recipe that you would like to try? Go ahead and create something new. You never know… your recipe could be the next big hit.

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