Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Buyer's Remorse

Getting yourself into financial trouble is a lot easier than you think. Credit card bills, house payments, and unforeseen expenses tend to pop up at all the wrong times. Personally, credit cards were a temptation that I just could not resist. I thought of it as free money, as did most of my friends who thought college=credit card. At first I just used it for books and supplies, but then I went on quite a few online shopping sprees. It was fun to get stuff, but then I got the bill. I was stunned.

But once I realized my mistakes, I was able to correct the situation and become a responsible credit card owner. And with Bills IQ, you can become responsible with your finances too. At BillsIQ, you will be able to understand what you can do in order to improve your financial score and how important it is to focus on your financial health. Debt consolidation is also an important topic to explore here. Even though the economy might be a little rough right now, there is still a reason to keep your head above water and be smart about your money.


So make sure that you are keeping track of all your expenses, and don’t do what I did—be smart about Credit card debt.

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