Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cisco Certification Program

When I went to school for English and Journalism, I never thought that I would be involved in computers as much as I am today. And even though I earned an English degree, I am faced with computer day in and day out in my freelancing career. And when things go wrong, sometimes they really go wrong and an IT professional needs to be called in. This is making me think more and more about getting IT certification. I think that this could benefit me in a variety of different ways.

With Cisco certification, I could have a completely different career. I looked at Cisco’s website and discovered that IT not just a boring, network tinkering job. It can be an exciting adventure in the world of computer technology. Cisco has three level of IT certification, so if I choose to enhance my skills down the road, I will be able to do that with Cisco. At least with IT certification my mom will finally realize that I have a “real job.”

What I am looking into is the network security area. For some reason, this area of IT certification is very interesting to me. And once I am certified, I know that I can get the job of my dreams with all the benefits that freelance writing just cannot bring to me.

And while freelance writing seems fun now, eventually I will have to move into a career that is going to have more potential for income and stability. I can get this if I go through the IT certification training from Cisco.

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Zombie Money said...

Yeh its amazing how much we deal with computers now at work. Def a part of our lives we can't live without it seems.