Friday, August 08, 2008

ClosetMix: Now with Shoes!

ClosetMix is probably one of the coolest sites I have found recently. And now they have the option to mix and match shoes too! For those who have never been to, you will want to go and check it out. It is a website where you can mix up great new outfits from some of the top brands, such as Candies, BabyPhat, Charlotte Russe and more. Before, all you will able to do was mix tops and bottoms. But not with the addition of mixing shoes, this site has gone from good to great. Check out this little all Candies number I put together.


Candie's® Ruffled Eyelet Babydoll Top

Candie's® Plaid Convertible Shorts

Candie's® Lynet Open-Toe Shoes

Click to mix this outfit with other clothes - even your clothes using

Neat, huh? And you can do this all day long. Really, it does get addictive, but it is so much fun. Now you can turn into your own fashionista and show everyone the style that you have. You can even embed your creations into blog posts or your MySpace page, just like I did.

Try it out - mix shoes and clothes together on

With over 750 million possiblities for outfits, there is hardly a chance you will ever get the same outfit twice. And these just may give you a heads up on what to get the next time your go shopping with your friends.

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