Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Beef with TVLand

I love TVLand. Anyone who knows me knows that I love old shows. But lately, TVLand has been straying from its roots. It used to show all old shows, no excuses. I even showed my favorite, Emergency!, at one time. And I have been forgiving them for showing less than popular reality shows, but now Scrubs is going to be on the channel?? Uh-uh. No. Don't get me wrong--Scrubs is an awesome show that is perfect at 11:30 network slots and Comedy Central, but NOT TVLand. It's not a classic (although it could be one day) and I think that TVLand is making a gigantic mistake, just like Nick at Nite did. Nick at Nite now doesn't show programs that are more than 20 years old... that's not what the purpose of it was supposed to be at all! I'm just glad I can get everything on DVD these days....

I'm done ranting now. I promise. I have to get back to work before As the World Turns comes on.

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