Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sproutwells and Soccer Moms

Can I just tell you about the experiences that I’ve had with crazy soccer moms? Now, I don’t have any children of my own, but I have been around soccer moms during soccer games every once in awhile. And while they always have the best intentions at heart, you can tell that sometimes soccer moms go a little overboard. Take this one game that I watched. It was the championship game for a youth league. All the moms and dads were cheering on the sidelines, hoping that they could take home a little champion. Well, when a child was nearly ready to score a goal, one mom jump up from the stands and jumped so hard and so high that her sandals flipped off her feet, onto the field and tripped up her own kid as he went to score the winning goal.

But if she would have purchased a great pair of shoes from freshfunds, she might have not have the embarrassment of costing her son and his team the games. The site is a great place to buy all kinds of items, and you can also earn points for prizes or charity donations. So check it out! And check out the The Sproutwells new video.


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