Friday, March 20, 2009

Working it all out

I'm back to editing my work now, which is still as frustrating as usual, but at least I'll be getting all of the bad stuff out of the way to start over. And for the rest of the month, I'm going to try a new schedule that permits me time for my normal work (which had to be cut back anyway), time to promote and enhance my blog, and also time for my actual novels, stories, and poems. I'm going to try this schedule just for the rest of March to see if it works. If it doesn't, boy will I have to be making some changes in my life.

I'm also getting used to all the features at Entrecard. I've found so many great blogs just from going around and dropping cards. This might mean carving more time out of the day to read blogs than I already do now. But it's fun. I like how blogs let you get very personal, yet still allow a type of safe distance. Perfect for a person that can't really handle social situations.

I really wish I felt like working today, but after a little more than two days away from any real work, I'm getting kind of lazy. But this afternoon is the last time to lounge around. After my edits tonight, I will be off to choose the neglected novel I finished last summer. It's a first draft, nowhere near the length a novel is supposed to be, but since it's the longest work I have completed, that's the one I think I'm going to start with. Once I dig it out of the files on my USB key, I give some more updates on it.

Hope everyone else enjoys their Friday evening!


Patricia Rockwell said...

Welcome Shy Writer! I have found Entrecard generally a welcoming place too. Hope you like it.

Terri said...

Thanks! It's been really fun using it so far.