Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The perfect vacation

Have you ever dreamed up the perfect vacation? I know that when it is cold and snowy in Indy, I sure have. I picture warm sun, quiet evenings, and beautiful surroundings. So next winter, when I'm all curled up under a blanket, I just may consider finally taking that trip I've always want to and head south to Kissimmee, Florida.

If I made to Kissimmee, I know that I would not want to experience the city alone. Nope, I think that I would enjoy the trip more if I could take a friend or two with me. Most of the time, I'm considered the dull one because I love to hang out indoors. But with my friends, I know that I would be out and about in the sunshine throughout the entire vacation. While we vacationed, I'm sure that we would see a variety of attractions. The ones that top my list are the unique shops of Old Town, scenic helicopter tours, the Disney Wilderness Preserve and to round it out, I would love to take in a show at one of the dinner theaters in Kissimmee.

As for the accommodations, I know that as previous Spring Break trips have taught me, it's best to plan for comfort and not necessarily convenience. I would love to stay in one of the upscale hotels and get treated like a queen.

If you think that Kissimmee sounds like the perfect getaway, why not enter the Kissimmee sweepstakes? You could be the lucky one to win one of three weekend getaways for you and your special someone, or you could win a week long vacation for four people. I know I'm going to enter. There's nothing like a free trip to paradise.


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