Friday, June 05, 2009

End of the week

I'm wondering: is anyone else like me? By posing this question I mean does anyone feel the need to work super-hard on Mondays and Fridays while seriously lagging in the middle? That's what I do and even though it's a super-productive Friday, I feel like I have sucked all week when it comes to writing, working, and doing something other than sitting on my butt. The worst part is I spent an hour and a half yesterday putting Legos together for my nephew... who won't even see the set until next weekend.

Technically, this was productive. Just not in the way I had hoped. I did have the urge to actually play with the set. After all, I used to use Legos and Barbies to get my first story ideas.

If you haven't used toys to play out storylines, I highly recommend it.

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