Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Post-job paranoia

My good, steady writing project is finally over. I'll be able to write a few more over the weekend as a bit of a bonus, but for now I'm back to writing $1-$5 articles. Not a problem. It keeps me writing and earning money. I just have to work harder to get it done.

I started looking for a new project on Guru. Anyone in the freelance world probably already knows about this website. Some claim the work isn't worth the money most of the time, but you can find some gems. These are typically one time jobs without a chance of steady work in the future. I sent in bids for a couple of them this morning, but I'm starting to worry. This never happens, but I'm worried that all of the bids I submitted will get accepted at the same time. It's the same when I send in fiction. I'm paranoid that when I try simultaneous submissions I'll suddenly get accepted by everyone at once and have to turn someone down. I don't want to be put in that position, so I'm the sucker than waits 6 months or a year to hear back, then send the work out again.

I'm dealing with it though. Paranoia about actually being successful is just silly and I won't stand for it anymore. Although I may need to make a cup of tea to relax me.

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