Sunday, July 12, 2009

Progress... it feels good

I've been working on that self-published poetry book I'm planning. I'm still not sure when it will be completed, but I do know that it's at least half done! When I started this project, I thought I had 12 or 13 poems that were completed, that fit a broad theme, and that I wanted to include in the book. Well, things didn't turn out exactly as planned. I have 7 finished poems for the book, but the other 6 I want to include still need either a major revision or me to actually get off my butt and finish writing them! But it's fun work. Obviously it doesn't pay anything (yet), but I think I'm managing a good balance of work for pay and work for career.

I have also finalized what I want the title to be: Personas. Usually titles are the hardest part of it all, but this one came organically from the way that the poems tie together.

There is one downfall: I reinstalled Sim City on my computer Friday night. It's trying to keep me away from all of this work. Not a good habit to get into -- trust me. But with a little perseverance and the "uninstall" button, I should be able to get a manuscript together by the end of July. If not, at least I know that 277 Miles will be through the first set of revisions and well on its way to round 2.

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