Friday, August 14, 2009

My Final Decision

I have reconsidered using Google Sites for my freelance writing business. No matter how hard I tried to make it look good, I just couldn't get it to look professional enough to send potential clients there. Now I'm looking into different web hosting options including where I should take my business. I've been checking out Web Hosting Geeks to find the best web hosts. Price is my main concern, but I also want a web host that unlimited space and maybe some other perks to help me and my business.

If anyone else is looking for web hosting services, Web Hosting Geeks is the site to look at. They spend a lot of time organizing web hosts into categories and finding the best ones on the Internet. They even have a section for those that are interested in green web hosting. I would say that's dedication to their visitors! They know what website owners want and have put all the information in easy-to-use pages on their website. That's why I like shopping around on this site so much. I highly recommend it to all my readers who want to get a web host or are looking to change web hosts.

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