Thursday, August 27, 2009

Not paying attention

Sometimes I ignore writing outlets that bring in a residual income. I guess that wasn't such a good idea. Last week I received an email from eHow saying that two of my articles were getting pulled. One was for poor writing (if I could remember what I wrote, I'm sure I would agree) and the other was for "other." No explanation. And it was one of my biggest earners, so I was a little upset. But I figured I couldn't do anything about it. Today, I checked the website and the article that was supposedly removed because of "other" reasons is still online. My username has been stripped, the title was changed, but all of the same content is still there. It's still listed on my profile as one of my articles, but it makes me wonder if I'm still earning from it or not... I just wish that "other" wouldn't have been the only explanation I received. I don't really want to fight with anyone, but I don't make enough money as it is... I can't lose one of my highest earning articles.

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