Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's all right

I haven't stopped writing, but with my new job, I'm able to at least take a step back from it. My new job is more along the lines of an editing position (finally!) so I've significantly cut back the amount of articles I write per day. This also means that since I'm making basically the same amount of money and spending less time working, I can finally get back to fiction and poetry. I wanted the Personas manuscript to be finished at the end of last month, and that definitely did not happen.

The only thing going wrong right now is... well... nothing! It's very rare in my life for everything to go right at the same time, so I'm cautiously enjoying it all.

I sincerely hope everyone else is getting through the week with relatively few bumps along the way. Just a little while longer and we can all breathe in a sigh of relief for the weekend!

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