Monday, December 27, 2010

After Holiday Shopping

I'm a sucker for the sales when it comes to after holiday shopping. I usually try to buy the things that I know I'll need for next year, but sometimes you just have to grab the half-off things that are cute, but not function. The best thing is that this year I received a Target gift card as a present. To stretch out the money even further I'm finding Target Online Coupons to get even more deals.

There are quite a few Target coupons that I have found will work great when I choose what I want to redeem my gift card for. I'm really glad that there are Target coupon code savings not just for me, but for a ton of people out there who would love to save.

Okay... now it's time to pick out the presents. :) I'm pretty sure that I want to get a sewing machine, but I also want to get a few more things to spruce up the apartment. After taking all of the Christmas decorations down yesterday, somehow the living room and dining room both look empty and sad. If I want to make a bunch of positive strides in the New Year, I know that I have to fill my home with positive things to look, read, and do.

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