Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Why I Love my DVR

Posted by Heriberto Fuentes

Remember when you used to record television shows on a VCR? You had to make sure there was room on the tape, and make sure you weren't recording over something you had not hat time to watch yet! Well those days are gone! My new best friend is my DVR!

With the old VCR you had to program the date, time, and channel of everything you wanted to record. There was no feature that told it to record all Auto Racing programs, for example. Being a racing fanatic, the DVR has been the single greatest piece of technology I've ever owned! I set me DVR to record all auto racing programs on Direct TV Gastonia, and I am provided with a never ending supply of racing to watch whenever I want!

Since the DVR records on to a hard drive, I never have to worry about recording over something I haven't been able to watch yet. I set it to save programs until they are erased, and it will notify me when space is getting low and I need to make some room for newer recordings. The versatility and convenience of the DVR is truly remarkable and I could not imagine life without one.

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