Monday, April 25, 2011

Something That Works

I think I may have struck creative gold this spring. The comic book thing is really starting to work for me. I probably have enough ideas and scripts for a whole comic memoir already. Of course everything is still in the first draft mode, but I haven't abandoned the project when I get to the tedious tasks. That's a new thing for me. It's been nearly two weeks now.

It's also made me more disciplined working on flash fiction for a contest. I have developed a rhythm that provides plenty of time to get all of this stuff done.

Unfortunately, all of this has been at the expense of my paycheck. I can't control when I have work at my day job and when I don't. The past two weeks happened to be really slow. Typically I work seven days a week, but yesterday (and this morning too) there's no work to be had, so I'm typing up comic scripts and drinking some hot coffee. It's still rainy here, as it has been for the last week. The weather really makes you want to stay in bed and do nothing but read a book.

But I know that if I want to finally get something--anything--published this year, laziness is not an option. And besides, I can only rearrange my bookshelves so many times before it becomes fodder for a therapist. :D

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Theresa Cahill said...

Good for you! Wow, comic books that is such a great idea. Also, I fully understand the need to keep on track; there are so many areas in our lives that do their best to disrupt everything we plan. Good luck to you!