Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Yeah, it's the new year. Things look about the same as they did a few days ago. All my life I have been in the habit of over-hyping this two-second holiday. I think just because we all shout and the date flips forward on the calendar, my whole life will change. It doesn't, so I'm constantly disappointing myself.

At the very least, I thought the work situation would get a little better. The company I'm currently getting job from isn't supplied with thousands of articles as I thought it would be today. In fact, there's less than 100 right at this very moment, most of which I have no interest in writing. Of course, interest is not the only issue. I'm working for extremely small wages so I have to be careful when I choose jobs. My basic criteria are that the length of the instructions cannot be longer than the finished article itself, the minimum I will take is 500 words/$5 (which is STILL too low) and no insults at the end of the instructions. It happens. Some will say "I will reject anything that does not meet the high quality we expect and are paying for." Um... you expect quality when you pay $5 for more than 750 words? No, no my dears. That's just fantasy there.

So, on January 3rd I'm officially declaring that 2012 is surpassing 2011 in being the worst year of my life so far. And to be honest, I have probably had some pretty bad ones. I'm not all Negative Nelly at this point, but once my bills are paid for the month and I cannot see a way to pay those same bills the next time around, you can be sure that this semi-positive outlook will change. Drastically. Happy New Year.


Avery Smithkin said...

Hey! Three days is only a tiny part of the year. You have 363 other days to make it better. You even get an extra day this year so you have some extra time to work things out...

Keep writing!

Elvirah said...

Though its a new year, every day we see the same people, same sun and the moon. So just like your previous years this year also might look the same, but there is going to be a day which would be like a real new year for you. When you would get past all these struggles and find a new way toward light and success.