Sunday, January 15, 2012

Haing Internet

Thanks for the guest post by Bradly Watkins

Having clear wireless internet at home has been great for me since I’m pregnant and so far away from my family. I really miss everyone and it’s nice to be able to get online and email my mom when I’m thinking about her or send my sister pics of the kids – I can’t believe in just a few months I’m going to give birth to my fourth. I love my family so much but it’s nice having a job out here (well, my husband has the job) that makes things much more easy for my family financially, you know? It was hard not being able to buy the right kinds of shoes for the kids and worrying whether or not they could afford to be in the soccer league – those aren’t the kinds of things I want to worry about when it comes to my children. That’s the only reason we had the fourth, because we could afford it living here now, and that’s the honest truth. Who would have guessed I’d be a happy housewife with four kids at this age??

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