Monday, February 06, 2012

Motivated on Monday

I didn't wake up with the alarm clock... but it was close today. As soon I as I put on the tea kettle to boil for my morning coffee (I'm from a 1940's noir--I drink instant) I got right to work. 150-word article out of the way before the kettle started screaming. I lined up a couple more similar articles for later in the day. While this won't make a huge dent in anything, I do feel like I'm finally back to work full swing.

I'm still looking for a job outside the home because things are getting a little desperate in the money category. My bank had the nerve to charge me a $5 service charge because I didn't have enough transactions. When you don't have a lot of money, there probably won't be enough transactions!

I also wrote two poems last week that I wanted to debut today, but since I sent them to the Yahoo Contributor Network, I guess I have to wait until both are approved. And of course I also have a complaint about YCN... I guess I didn't log in for 90 days, which is strange because Yahoo keeps me logged in automatically. But, I'll take their word for it that I didn't visit the page for that long. Anyway, they have cut of my performance views to count for the overall performance payments. From what I understand, these should have resume as soon as I started visiting the site again, but I don't think they have. I have zeros across the board and it upsets me because I would have never promoted the articles last week if I knew I wasn't going to get paid for them. But I have my queries into the forum, so we will see what I can find out about that.

What free time I do have left in the day I spend on promotion. Most of what I do is drops on Entrecard (which is also on my list--they tell me my book review blog doesn't have a widget--and it's right there for all to see) and I'm back to the traffic exchange game. I never realized before how truly sad traffic exchanges are. 99% of the pages I view are people advertising other traffic exchanges, MLM schemes or other get-rich-quick junk. I like to think I class up the joint a bit by promoting my blogs. I would love to promote my articles directly, but that's against every terms of service at every article website, so I have to hope that people will engage my blog after they see it. It's usually a statistic of one in a million, but it's still relatively free advertising, so I'll stick to it for now.


Annie said...

After reading your post I thought I would try out the YCN. I hope you have better luck with it and I hope I find it productive too. Maybe we can be each others fans once I figure out how to work the darn thing.

Terri said...

YCN is a little stricter on publishing than is used to be, but as long as you submit well written articles its easy to get your performance payments.