Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Poetic Confessions--Submit Yours Now

We all have them: a vile verse, a crude couplet, a quatrain destined for the dump or just an embarrassing tale of woe set in poetic form. I'm now introducing Poetic Confessions: a way to cleanse the writer's conscious. No matter how embarrassing, silly or sad your story may be, I want to hear from you. We all know that April is National Poetry Month, so we'll kick it off right by featuring some Poetic Confessions. But I can't do this alone--while I have many confessions to make, I'm sure my readers want more of a variety of confessions.

So that means I'm accepting entries of your own Poetic Confessions. Just email your story (short or long--doesn't matter to me). If you reference a specific poem of yours that's available online, feel free to include the link to it. You should also include a short (1-2 lines) bio and a link to your blog or website (free promotion!!). Please put the words "Poetic Confessions" in the subject line so I won't lose it in the spam folder. I cannot guarantee that your confession will make it on the blog during the month of April depending on the amount of submissions I get, but it could be used at some point in the future.

From time to time we all have that poetic misstep, so go ahead and get it off your chest. I'll start posting confessions on April 1.


Robert Bourne said...

Oh God..if I did all of them your e mail could crash.... :)

Terri said...

I know what you mean... I'm still sorting through all of mine to see which ones I want to use.

Avery Smithkin said...

I'll have to look through some of my old stuff to see if I've saved anything really embarrassing. I usually use things like that to test the shredder.

I do remember the first poem I ever wrote down (that I can recall). I think I was in the 4th or 5th grade....

Fried chipped steak
I really hate.
Sometimes it's tougher
Than the plate.

Not quite up there with Tennyson, but you have to start somewhere...

Terri said...

For a kid, that's pretty good. :)