Sunday, April 01, 2012

It's National Poetry Month!

Well, we've finally made it--National Poetry Month! All month long I'll be featuring my Poem of the Day, Poetic Confessions (every Friday post), and also keeping everyone up to date on Script Frenzy and how that's all going. Are you participating? Here's my little corner of the world at Script Frenzy.

So far I have managed to stay on task the first day of this challenge. I'm doing a comic book script instead of a traditional feature length script which will hopefully keep me motivated. I'm actually working on comics about freelance writing, which chronologically take place after my College Chronicles comics. It's great to get all the scripts done... after April I'll just have to concentrate on drawing them. All 200+ (so far...).

So--what is everyone else doing to celebrate National Poetry Month?

Poem of the Day: A Dying Soul


Avery Smithkin said...
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Avery Smithkin said...

For National Poetry Month, I think I'll try to finish a couple of poems I have started. They are mostly done, but still need a few "adjustments". Hoping to submit them somewhere for publishing.

Terri said...

Sounds like a good plan! I have tons of things that are done, but it's just finding the right publications for them that take so long... at least for me. Good luck!