Monday, August 27, 2012

Invading Thoughts

I have too much time to think on the weekends. When I am immersed in work, I don't worry as much. Give me an afternoon with nothing to do and I run the gamut of emotions from sweet and smiley to down right depressed. I will be working on this micro-focus on my problems, because I need to keep reminding myself that my problems are nothing compared to a lot of people in this world.

The one thing this weekend that didn't trigger an emotional reaction was a rejection letter. It came within a week of submission, but I secretly thought it wouldn't be accepted anyway. That tells me that somewhere in my brain I knew that it wasn't quite ready for submission. That story will definitely be going back to the revision pile for a second (or eighth) look. 

I did also have some success at the end of the week building my Elance profile up a little. Someone finally decided to take a chance on me with a quick rewrite job, so now I have a great rating, a little money and a lot of invitations to submit proposals on new jobs.

Problems? Those can wait for another day.

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