Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Rules of Freelancing #1: Workspace

There are a few rules to freelancing that are good to follow. And for new freelancers, I recommend following them as much as possible. Over the next few Wednesdays, I will be sharing some of the ones that I think are the most important.

At heart I must be a rebel because although I know it would be much easier to stay in line, I'm at the point where not following the rules seems to put a little spice into an otherwise dull work day. And who knows? Maybe I'll follow them again someday.

Rule #1: Always Have a Separate Space for Work

To be productive, it is essential that you have a dedicated workspace where you can go to get the job done. It can be a small space, maybe tucked in the corner of a garage or spare room. Having this space that is all your own and all business is even more important when you don't live alone.Your family should respect your space so that important documents are not misplaced or lost.

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It's a great idea, and I have had a couple of two bedroom apartments with a second bedroom dedicated to a full-fledged office. But I'm breaking this rule to pieces. My living room, bedroom, office and storage space all currently fit in a nice, neat 10x10 room. And if I ever do get to New York like I want to, this situation may be reduced to a laptop and a seat at Starbucks.

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I can easily function in my current space, though I do have to occasionally remind family members to not interrupt just because I left the door open.

It doesn't really matter where you work, as long as you can fully concentrate on the task at hand. If you are a person who can function with crowds and noise surrounding you, go for it. If you need a large, quiet space to work in, find a way to make a space work for your needs. If you can't work at home, you can also consider renting an office, but this may set you back a lot of money.

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