Wednesday, November 07, 2012

The Rules of Freelancing #8: Stop Procrastinating

With almost anything in life, procrastination in a topic that can rear its ugly head. “Oh, I'll get to it tomorrow.” No, chances are unless that's the deadline, you probably won't get to it tomorrow. Procrastination for some can breed real creativity, but for some it just creates unnecessary anxiety in our lives.

When freelancing, there's really no one to keep you on task but yourself. That's why freelancing isn't a career path for everyone. If you cannot get yourself motivated to work, chances are you will not be able to succeed in the long run. Even when you are successful in freelancing, procrastination will only hurt you, not help you.

I'm not immune to the procrastination bug. In fact, I'm probably a bigger procrastinator than most people I know. While it's true that I always get the job done, I could do so much better if I would just stick to schedule. Everyone would. When your teachers told you in high school that you shouldn't cram for tests, but rather you should study a little along the way, they (unfortunately) were right. Bite off what you can chew each day, and your projects will be better for it. Of course, that works a lot better when you enjoy what you are doing, so if you haven't found your passion yet, stop procrastinating!

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