Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Celebrating Poetry #5: Get Hi-Tech

Poetry is an ancient form of expression. However, with the Internet and computers, there is so much a person can do with their poetry that they couldn't do before. You can write a poem on your tablet computer, download a poetry app and even listen to poetry being read on your iPod.

What hi-tech options are you using to celebrate poetry this month?

Poem of the Day: To Dark Horse


K R Smith said...

What hi-tech options do I use?

A spelling checker.

You're so careful and thorough about making sure what you post is correct, and then I see this:

"Celebratinh Poetry #5: Get Hi-Tech"

Sorry, but I had to giggle.

You must have been thinking about some hot date and got distracted. It can happen.

BTW - I can't see your poem on my super-secure Government computer - I'm not sure if it's the network security that won't let me reach that website, or the site itself. I'll check when I get home....

And I'll post another comment and delete this one (that way, no one will know).

Terri Deno said...

Wow... I swear I looked at it three times before I scheduled that post. that's what I get for trying to plan ahead!

About the poem - I have trouble seeing it too sometimes. The website puts up the 403 Forbidden thing a lot. No idea why.