Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Jumping Into May

Well, National Poetry Month was fun, wasn't it? I was hoping for a little more participation from others, but I think that next year's celebration will be even better.

All of my other projects are still chugging along. I have a new boost of energy since I won an ebook cover design from a Novel Publicity contest last month. The cover looks great and I'll be revealing it when it comes closer to the time of release (tentatively December, but who knows). Since the cover is set in stone, I can reveal the title to you. It will be:  In Another Life. You can start guessing what it is about. ;)

I'll also be spending a good chunk of this month figuring out what marketing strategies I want to use for the release of the book. Doesn't sound like much fun, but if it gets me more sales, I'm all for it.

The serial is still in progress as well, though I've had to move a few of those deadlines back a bit. I want it right, which means I'm spending more time researching than writing. While fun, it's to the point where it may be hindering progress.

It's spring. It's warm. So I'm going to go spend some time outside, soaking up inspiration. I hope you have a chance to do that today too.


K R Smith said...

It may be a little late for National Poetry Month, but here's your chance to send a haiku to Mars on the MAVEN spacecraft.

(or just Google "MAVEN haiku" and you'll get a bunch of link with other links to the site)

Even if your poem doesn't get chosen (only 3 will be picked), your name can be on board (DVD). If it does get picked, it will be on the spacecraft and the MAVEN website.

They're looking for a 5-7-5 format haiku.

Could be some good publicity!

Terri Deno said...

Sounds interesting. I'll have to check it out.