Monday, July 08, 2013

Back from my Staycation

While a vacation would have done wonders for my attitude, a staycation was a close second. I took most of last week off, except for some social media work I had to do. My vacation mostly consisted of staying on the other side of the room from the computer, reading a good book for hours on end. It was a lovely time.

I also ventured out of my little world to go do the normal July Fourth things: festivals, food, fireworks. Your basic American holiday staples.

July 4th Fireworks

My birthday was over the weekend too. Very quiet, no fuss--I'm beginning to like it that way. It also got me thinking of photography more (don't ask me how I made that leap) so if you see on my Instagram account a lot of pictures tagged with #almost30, you'll know why. 

The birthday cupcake.
I slacked significantly on the Camp Nanowrimo stuff, but I'm getting back on track today. The goal of 25,000 words should not be hard to meet, as long as I don't skip out on any more days the rest of the month. Then, all I need to do if find an editor and get the ball rolling towards a book release. I'm excited, but there's still quite a lot to do. Organization will be my best friend these next couple of months.

Work? Eh... still a sore subject. I've picked up a few articles, but everyone else needs to get out of their Monday slump before I can really get back on track with that one.

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