Monday, August 11, 2014

I Think the Universe Might be Trying to Tell Me Something...

Last week was one of those "it could only happen to me" kind of weeks. I was very excited about getting those cover letters and resumes out to the editorial assistant jobs I found. I only needed to spend a little time on each cover letter because I've done so much prep work.

Then I go to the listing I saw on the company's website and... POOF.

Yeah, poof. The job listing was taken down. Not all of them, mind you, just a few--including the one I was applying for. It's crazy, I know. The first one on my list was gone. I was in shock about the first one because I really had my heart set on working with that particular company. So I waited a day to apply for another one. Then--you know what comes next.

I am entirely serious when I tell you that this happened to me three times in a single week. That last time it happened I checked on the listing to make sure I had everything correct on the cover letter and the correct contact information. I accidentally closed out my browser, so I quickly went back to the page and I couldn't believe that the listing I was JUST LOOKING AT had been taken down.

I understand this time of year bratty little college graduates who had the luxury of taking their last summer off are the ones causing me this stress. I get it. I don't like it, but I get it.

After some more research today, there is one left that I want to apply for. If that disappears right before I apply, I will scream. Loud. I don't care if the universe is trying to tell me something--the universe is wrong about this one.

I'll be totally honest--it's the relocation that's at the top of my list, not necessarily the specific job. I would happily temp for the rest of my life. So if these listings are gone too, well... I'll try something else. I should probably get a little unconventional in my job search tactics anyway, because the traditional route is certainly not working in my favor.

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