Tuesday, April 26, 2016

National Poetry Month Nearing the End

It's the last week in April, so that means National Poetry Month is starting to wind down. I've been diligent in writing the poetry I've set out to do, but I know that when it comes to revisions, I haven't been quick to get on it. That's why Monday's normal post is happening on Tuesday. That, and the Indiana Comic Con commercial on TV keeps distracting me--I mean, who decided to mix "Shake It Off" with cosplay? It boggles my mind. It's definitely apples and oranges (no offense to T. Swift or cosplayers, of course).

Anyway, once I finally focused on the poetry again, I started playing with alliteration and this is what I came up with:

A Losing Pursuit

Priorities pronounced in pencil
But they can all be pushed away
Pressures take precedence
Puckish people clamoring to use you like a plastic bag
Purposeful in carrying their baggage
Placed in the trash, not even preserved for recycling
Once your practicality is brought to pass

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