Wednesday, September 07, 2016

The Countdown to Haunting Melody (and an Oops)

Today we're starting the countdown to the release of Haunting Melody. Get excited, people!

To kick things off, here's the synopsis for Haunting Melody:

Pop star Melody is getting ready to work on her next album with the help of musician Sean Callaway at Ashbury Studios. She feels like she has it all: a great career, a fabulous love life with dancer Austin Eckhart and friends she can rely on. But strange things are happening at the studio—equipment failures, accidents and strange voices. Rumors start spreading that Ashbury Studios could be haunted. Will Mel be able to help her friends figure out what's going on before something bad happens?

Today was also going to be the day of the new cover reveal for Melody of Love. But here's where the oops comes in. I ended up submitting to Kindle Worlds a draft version of the cover that I wanted, rather than the final version I had in mind... and once submitted, you cannot make changes until they've approved the ones you sent. I received the email this morning that my changes were approved, so it's time to go back and change them again. If I'm quick enough, the draft cover may not show up on the book's Amazon page. Then again, I'm second guessing everything, so who knows. When the final draft revamped cover is live, I'll let you know. Out of the hundreds of things that could go wrong in this process, I'd be a lucky lady if this is the worst that happens.

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