Monday, October 03, 2016

Proud to be #PoweredByIndie

I was surprised to receive an email this weekend from Amazon telling me that my work is being featured in their celebration of independently published authors.

Being self-published isn't an easy job. Even with the changes that are going on throughout the publishing industry, it's still a label that makes some readers and most critics turn their nose up. You have to be courageous to tackle the challenge. You have to be strong. You have to put everything on the line to grab your piece of the publishing pie.

Truth is, I'm not very confident if you meet me in person. I don't like to talk a lot to people I don't know well, and small talk is the most energy-draining activity I've ever had to participate in. But when it comes to writing, communication comes much easier for me. I never saw another option for a career path other than writing because of this gap in my communication skills. So why put a dozen barriers in front of my goal?

Yes, traditionally published authors can have advantages over self-published authors. But I would rather take the reigns on what I see is the total vision for my work. Places like Kindle Direct Publishing let me be me. Whether that's good or bad is for the reader to decide.

And that's why I'm Powered By Indie.


If you want to check out all of the self-published authors that Amazon's featuring this month, you can check out their Powered By Indie landing page. I hope you find something exciting and do your part to support indie authors.

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