Thursday, March 02, 2017

Old Projects Have New Plans

Things have been going in a slow pace around here. I realized that it was because I had so many projects that didn't have a solid ending--not just the story itself, but what I wanted to do with them once they were done. Now, things have been reorganized and I have a clear path for many of these projects.

To sum it up:
  • In Another Life is no longer going to be a trilogy. Instead, books 1 and 2 will be combined into a single story, and the third book will be the sequel.
  • Another series (one that I haven't said much about) is being planned and the first story is going to be posted on Wattpad sometime before the end of the year. 
  • I'm still working on a project for Channillo, and hopefully it will be accepted. 
  • The third (and last) installment of the Melody of Love Kindle Worlds series will be completed by the end of the year. 
  • Something (I still don't know what) will be on Kindle Scout--I just have to pick which of my projects will have the best chance at success.
When it comes to new projects and challenges, I'm looking into doing a massive reading project. Since I still have a number of reading obligations for March, it's not going to start just yet. When I get closer to launching myself on this new journey, I'll have more information. That, and I have to be very good at staying away from NetGalley and Penguin First to Read so that I don't continue to bog myself down with even more reading obligations.

What are your reading/writing plans for March?


K R Smith said...

This is why I follow your blog - I've learned something new again. Channillo - I'd never heard of it until now. I'll check it out. I, too, have been contemplating putting something on Wattpad. It seems that's an platform that could help expand readership.

K R Smith said...

And I need an editor for my comments... "an platform" - Have to stop trying to type while eating lunch.

Terri Deno said...

I first heard about Channillo six months ago when I was just starting a detective story that felt more like episodes than chapters--a clear beginning an end for each episode, but another major story running throughout. It's still the frontrunner for this site, but I'm not sure how many people would read it. It seems like another place where you should probably bring your readership rather than relying on existing readership to have the most success.

As always... thanks for following!!