Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Heading into the Final Stretch

At ninteen days Camp NaNoWriMo is more than half over. My project is currently sitting at slightly over half (45/80 pages) completed. I thought I would easily have 80 pages to cobble together, but it's harder than it seems. I felt like I've written thousands of poems over my lifetime, but really I haven't. Sure, I spent more than a year writing haiku which makes it seem like a large volume, but I'm excluding those from this project because of the length and the fact that haiku just seems to go together as a collection on its own.

Hopefully I'll find some more poems laying around, otherwise I'll have to get writing again. I'm not too worried, because 80 is sort of the center point of a poetry book. Most manuscripts are typically 60-100 pages. I wanted a little wiggle room in case I throw any out of the project. And length is really a smaller concern. The bigger concern is the order of the poems. It's going to take a lot of testing to see what order they should be in so that it flows and it seems like a cohesive entity instead of just random poetry slapped together. We'll see what happens!


K R Smith said...

The Nanowrimo page shows "Cabin" stats (along with your numbers), which are different from your statistics. How does the cabin thing work? I've never done a Nanowrimo (camp or regular) so I'm not clear on some of the details.

Terri Deno said...

The cabin is just a group of participants that have a little area to chat with each other during the month. The cabin stats are our combined goals for the month. I used to join a group of writers from Luna Station Quarterly in their cabin, but this year I chose a randomly assigned cabin, just like real summer camp (I assume--never went to one as a kid). Participants can also opt out of cabins completely.