Thursday, April 12, 2007

The countdown to my first public reading is down to just a couple of hours now. I'm a little nervous, but then again, I'm doing this together with my whole class, so the thought of everyone else being nervous calms me down. And Debbie will be there. She helps things too. Too bad I never took the opportunity to do the public reading in my 285 class, or in elementary school when I had the chance. It might have given me some really good practice. But I've taken 3 different speech classes, so I know what to do. I'm good. I hope! I think what makes me nervous is the fact that I just might know a lot of people out in the audience. It's a big English Department thing here. And I know how some of these people are. Some of them are my friends. I could be picked apart by the wolves, or I could just as easily be ignored. It depends how many people before me mess up... I'm just kidding. I know everyone's going to do fine. But I'll be honest and say that I'm really just worried about myself right now.

What's worse is I'm going to look like a What Not To Wear disaster because it is snowing in April. I had a cute summer outfit to wear, but now I have to settle for a nice jacket and khakis. I'm not stupid enough to wear a thin skrt in this weather! And I'm not too sure I want to wear makeup--my eyes water terribly in cold wind. I don't know. I don't think I'll have much time after I get home from my afternoon class. I might have as little as ten minutes to get ready. Yikes! I guess I should worry about that more than the reading itself, huh?

Okay, I must quit whining and get back to my analytical essay on Forrest Gump. I just love being a senior.

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