Saturday, April 14, 2007

The reading went well. I didn't screw up royally, but I did have to read off of the WRONG COPY. Oh well. I just had to make sure I changed the tense of all the verbs that were wrong. i think I caught most of them.

I'm sitting here now, thinking that the story I need to turn in for workshop sucks, and reading A Room of One's Own. It's alright, but I certainly need someone to explain it to me. I keep nearly falling asleep while reading, but it's not as bad as when I trudged through Heart of Darkness last week. But at least we got to see clips of Apocolypse Now in class. It's a good movie. Then again, I love war movies.

Funny story: Debbie and I were heading to the mall and there was a nail in her tire. She didn't know how to change it. I didn't either (obviously--I don't drive. Why should I know?) So she called a friend and she came to help us, but finally, we had to let a nice man who offered to help do it because the tire had never been taken off the car before, the lugnuts were too tight, and the thing to take them off was apparently a piece of crap. But we survived (we were only a block away from the house as it was) and the car got a new tire. Maybe it's not funny, per se, but whatever. I had to tell it.

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