Monday, April 09, 2007

I don't know about Little People, Big World anymore. I'm a suck for reality TV, but this season is just too messy for me. I mean, the first two episodes deal with the pumpkin-launching contraption incident, and then next week's show has a car crash! Too gory for me, even though they don't show the messy parts. Seriously, it's almost like watching the true life ER shows or something... I prefer fake ER blood.

I'm excited: only a couple more days until the public reading. Okay, I guess excited is not quite the right word. More like terrified, but I'm sure a couple of my special V8 vodka shots beforehand will pull me through. I hope. It's not so bad that I would screw up in front of the community members we worked with... it's the thought of screwing up in front of other people that know me that might be there, including my roommate. If it's a bad screwup, I'll never hear the end of it. From anyone. Or, I could just be paranoid. I hope no one screws up, and the night goes QUICKLY... but that's only because I need to make it home in time to watch CSI.

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