Sunday, April 08, 2007

Technology and I are tied for the lead now. I've been able to save my grade with a proof of upload. No worries about failing anymore, at least for the moment. I still blame technology for SO MANY other things, but those will always come up in life, just like disease or angry bobcats threatened adventurers a hundred years ago... or something like that.

Casblanca: can I tell you how much I love this movie? Of course, the first time that I saw it was a month ago in a history class (which I've since dropped, for academic reasons). Anyway, I bought it on DVD (when I bought season 5 of X-Files) and watched it last night. Humphrey Bogart is amazing, though I feel he always delivers his lines too fast (especially in The Big Sleep-- another movie I have on my list to purchase). And Igrid Bergman is so pretty... I just love the look and feel of old time movies. But, since I saw it first in a historical context, I cannot just enjoy the love story. I have to be beaten over the head by hints of WWII propaganda. It's very obvious to the point of annoying once someone points it out to you. The professor that showed this movie warned the class on the first day that she would forever ruin our movie watching habits, and she was right. But, I still like to slip into Rick's Cafe Americain every once in awhile and enjoy it (as much as I can).

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