Sunday, June 17, 2007

There was finally some rain today, and it was beautiful. I'm not trying to get all tree-hugger on anybody, I just really like watching the rain. Even when it pours so hard that you cannot see through it, it's a wonderfully calming experience.

Right now I'm reading Message in a Bottle by Nicholas Sparks. True, it's one of the older ones, but I hadn't read it yet. And it's predictably Sparks. It's filled with wonder, love, mistudnerstanding, then I'm assuming reconciliation. I'm not quite finished with the book yet. But I'm sure it'll follow close to that. I like reading books with predictable outcomes sometimes. It's the kind of mindless summer reading I enjoy. Not that it doesn't bring up important points--that's not what I mean by mindless. What I mean is that I know what I'm getting into when I pick it up, so I don't have to spend time sorting out my feeling about it in my mind. Over here, it makes sense. Trust me.

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