Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tomorrow: Interview.

Nervous? Yes and no. I mean, I've already interviewed once for the job... I just have to do it again. I just didn't know that there were two interviews for retail positions. I guess there is. But it's okay... the more experience, the better. At least that's what everyone else says. Since my interview last week until now, I think I've lost five pounds worrying. Maybe I should worry all the time! No, that's not good...

I watched Wingspan last night. It might have only been the second or third time that I've watched it, but it's amazing. I love Paul and Linda's love story and how they made family life work while still accomplishing all of their goals. The only thing missing? Well, a lot I'm assuming. You can't really explain away ten years in 88 minutes. I wanted more gaps filled in. I mean, the Beatles Anthology is around ten hours... and that covers around ten years, more or less. That's what I wanted to see from Wingspan.

Script Frenzy is going well. I'm finally successful at something. I only need 10,000 words by Friday and I'm at 6,363 at this moment. I should be finishing my script and not blogging, but there have to be breaks somewhere, right? Then July comes, and I have to revise. That's the part that gets really frustrating. I have such a hard time revising without collaboration, but I don't want to put my friends through that... who wants to read the first draft of a full length script? I don't even want to do that so I can post reviews on Triggerstreet!

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