Friday, January 04, 2008

I had a much more lively day today then the last week and a half. I actually have someone else to talk to (besides myself) around the house again. So tonight I watched two movies: Just Friends and The Goonies. I know what you're going to say--you haven't seen The Goonies until now? No, I haven't. But it was decent. I would say Just Friends was my favorite of the night though. It was hilarious, and I love comedy. And really... who doesn't like Ryan Reynolds? But watching all the extras on the DVD made me so confused about the filming process and why the writer seemed to have a lot of say on what was going on... I have always been told that was not the norm. What I need to do is finish one of my scripts to see what really happens once the writing is done.

PODCAST UPDATE: I think I've made decent progress on catching up with my podcasts. I have under 325 left to watch/listen to. That's pretty good, considering what the number was yesterday... it might even be smaller. I haven't updated my ipod lately. I know that I only have about five episodes of AC 360 left and I'm making a huge dent in the Grammar Girl episodes. I would just skip all the old ones and only get the new ones, but the information is so useful and entertaining that I just can't. At least I'm not so OCD that I have to listen to them in order! Please, give me credit for that one.

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